Playoff Warm Up

Saturday saw the Thunderhawks play a depleted Wallaceburg Red Devils in a 17-2 win. The Thunderhawks used this opportunity to refine their team play as they head to the Hamilton Bengals Monday night for their last game of the regular season. Christian Watts & Brett Beetow lead the Thunderhawks with 4 goals each, while Devin Napoleon tallied 3, Kelen Pulera scored 2 and Zac Belter, Matt Mines, Nolan Fehr & Brandon Sveda had singles.

The Bengals are ending their season in 3rd place and the Thunderhawks will be 5th, irrelevant of the outcome Monday night. The Thunderhawks will use this last season game as a playoff warmup for the Windsor Clippers (4th).

Starting June 22nd the Thunderhawks take a road trip to Windsor, returning home on the 23rd for a 4pm matchup, before returning to Windsor on June 29th for hopefully the last game of the series. If, however, they aren’t successful in wrapping up the Clippers in three games, they return home on the 30th and back to Windsor on July 2nd, as needed.

The Thunderhawks encourage all alumni, friends and family to make it to the MCU arena to cheer on the Thunderhawks as they depart on their road towards the Founder’s Cup.

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