Thunderhawk duo win top Jr A prize.

Congratulations to Zach Belter and Chris Weier for winning the coveted 2019 Minto Cup with the Orangeville Northmen.

Minto Cup

The Minto Cup is one of the hardest prizes to win in the Junior A level of lacrosse in Canada. The cup was created in 1901 as the prize for the best lacrosse team of all Canada, but in 1937 it was dedicated to the best team at the Junior A level.

Belter, in his first year as a call up, and Weier in his 3rd, were both part of this years run towards the Minto Cup for the Northmen. Both players are top defensemen, with Weier also being one of our top scorers in the transition game for the Thunderhawks.

Watching Chris play during the Ontario Championships, you could tell he belonged at the A level. Weier was a regular on the Northmen’s defensive door, while also being part of their man down defence.

While sending him a congratulations text, his response was a typical Weier response “It a very special feeling.” …..Short and to the point.

Both players join a line of other NOTLers who have worked their way through the ranks and earn the Minto. Players such as Rich, Darris and Travis Kilgour, Jeff Bridgeman, Andy Boldt, Joe Fagiani, Vernon Jacobs, Greg & Jamie Floris, Tim Hamm, Tony Printup.

The Thunderhawks often see some of their best leave to chase their dream at the Junior A level, recently player such as Saul VanderZalm (St. Catharines), Hunter Lemieux (Burlington Chiefs) & Reid Lowe (Bramptom). All players go through the hard decision of leaving the Thunderhawks family to chase their dreams. Just like proud parents, the Thunderhawk family have a hard time seeing them leave, but when one of our own are able to reach that level it special, but to achieve the ultimate prize….ITS PRICELESS!

Congratulation boys, we hope to see you at the rink!

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