Covid-19 Update

As of the new year, the 2021 season is in question. The Ontario Junior B League has said there will be a season, but only a couple of the teams have indicated they will participate, the Thunderhawks are no different. Other issues, such as Covid-19’s effect on facility access, travelling restrictions, health regulations are all unknowns the association will have to deal with.

In 2020, the Thunderhawks had to take a leave of absence from the league due to lack of players to put together a team, this season may be a similar situation. As an association, we have committed to planning for the upcoming season, but we are asking all potential players/supporters/volunteers to complete the form below to indicate your intentions for the 2021 season.

We are hoping, as a community we can come together to continue the Thunderhawks tradition, but it starts with commitment by you.

Go T-Hawks!

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